Secure USB token for passwords and network identities

SCM Microsystems announced CHIPDRIVE MyKey, a new, highly secure USB device that makes it safer and easier for people to access the Internet and information networks.

Based on smart card technology, CHIPDRIVE MyKey is a personal device that stores passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information. It works with a simple application that facilitates filling in username/password logins and online forms. Users insert it into a USB slot on a PC or notebook and enter a PIN to automatically answer login password requests, access personal data and easily fill in online forms to streamline shopping and other interactions with Web-based services.

CHIPDRIVE MyKey is convenient for users because it eliminates the need to remember multiple passwords and because it can be used safely anywhere. The compact device holds the encrypted information instead of the PC, so once the device is removed the information is not available to anyone else. This better protects privacy, identity and sensitive data, particularly in situations where others may have access to the computer, such as at work or at Internet cafes or airport kiosks.

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