Endpoint productivity advances with Anti-Executable 3.0

Faronics released Anti-Executable 3.0 which ensures total endpoint productivity by only allowing approved applications to run on a computer. Any other programs – whether they are unwanted, unlicensed, or simply unnecessary – are blocked from ever executing. NECC is one of the largest educational technology shows in the country, and is a chance for thousands of IT personnel to discover the benefits of Faronics’ software solutions.

This latest release features numerous enhancements and feature additions, such as full white list content management and configuration, centralized white list deployment, multiple white list support with import and export options, and customizable white list enforcement based on user levels. Also new to Version 3.0 is the white folder feature, which allows a CD-ROM, USB, disk or network drive to be exempt from Anti-Executable’s protection.

Whether you manage a small office network or an enterprise computing environment, Anti-Executable’s benefits are huge. Unauthorized or unwanted programs can cause a multitude of security and uptime challenges to desktop computing environments. Distractive and malicious software can be accidentally or intentionally installed on computers from portable drives, email accounts, and web browsing. Allowing these programs to run on workstations presents a serious challenge to IT’s efforts to keep computers running, organizational data secure, and user productivity high.

Anti-Executable’s white list protection eliminates all these problems and threats by ensuring computer workstations are only able to run applications that have been authorized for use. Anti-Executable helps ensure network bandwidth remains efficient, acceptable use policy compliance is enforced, and IT personnel are freed from tedious helpdesk and repair requests. Anti-Executable also makes it easy to ensure that computers remain in full compliance at all times by preventing the installation of unlicensed software.

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