Fraud prevention tips

As ATM/Debit Card Safety Awareness Month comes to an end, this week the PULSE debit network releases Fraud Prevention Tips. Although debit is a secure and convenient form of payment, it is a good idea for consumers to take some basic precautions when using their debit cards.

Important steps consumers can take to prevent financial fraud include:

  • Shred all financial documents and records before disposing of them.
  • Destroy unused or expired credit, ATM and debit cards.
  • Remove mail promptly from your mailbox.
  • Match receipts to monthly billing statements.
  • Memorize PINs, passwords and Social Security numbers – do not store them in your purse or wallet
  • Use longer, more complex passwords and PINs, and change them periodically.
  • Sign all credit cards and debit cards immediately upon receipt.
  • Notify account providers of address changes in advance.
  • Immediately report a lost or stolen card and any unauthorized activity on any account.
  • Never use your PIN as a password.

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