Free e-book: “Security Manager’s Guide to Video Surveillance” released the first edition of a new free online book, the “Security Manager’s Guide to Video Surveillance”. The book provides over 130 pages of original tutorials, research and analysis dedicated to helping security managers better understand and select video surveillance solutions.

The book helps security managers in 3 main ways:

  • Extensive tutorials explain key technical concepts in a non-technical manner focused on the security benefits of each technology.
  • In-depth analysis of key trends and products allows security managers to learn what is new and where such technologies might be valuable to their organizations.
  • A clear review of how to assess new technologies and ensure that vendors deliver on their promises.

The book is free and is open sourced using a Creative Commons license. Not only is their no charge for the book but readers may freely use the content in the book for their own non-commercial use. This allows security managers to freely share, modify and include this research and analysis in their own presentations, analysis and reports.

The book analyzes such key topics as: IP cameras, megapixel cameras, NVRs, DVRs, video analytics, storage, wireless, PSIM, and IT convergence. The book covers a number of key video surveillance companies including 3VR, ArecontVision, Avigilon, Axis Communications, Cieffe, Cisco, Dedicated Micros, DvTel, Exacq, Gentec, IQinVision, Firetide, FluidMesh, IBM, Immervision, Intellivid, Intransa, IoImage, Milestone Systems, Mobotix, ObjectVideo, Pelco,

Authored by John Honovich, the goal of this book is to help security managers make better decisions on video surveillance technology choices. For many years, John has worked closely with security managers to design and deploy video surveillance systems for the military, majority retailers, banks, commercial and industrial organizations. John leverages his experience as both an integrator and manufacturer to offer highly relevant knowledge gained both from the trenches and from analyzing new technology.

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