Mobile surveillance on the iPhone

Lextech Labs introduced iRa, a remote surveillance viewing and control system that puts the power of multiple live video feeds and direct camera pan-tilt-zoom control in the palm of your hand on an iPhone or iPod Touch.

iRa’s intuitive interface lets users to access multiple video feeds (from their own security cameras) over WiFi. The capabilities to view videos full screen, physically move cameras, and zoom with a single touch (from an iPod Touch or iPhone) work together seamlessly to create situational awareness.

iRa is a valuable add-on to any security system. It brings your security team out of a back room full of camera monitors, creating a greater security presence in main areas while still allowing them to view the cameras and respond to threats quickly. It’s a good fit for organizations with one or more facilities that need to cover a large amount of square footage and wherever keeping one or more security guards mobile is important. Examples of best fit facilities include: shopping malls, parking lots, parking garages, museums, power plants, government labs, etc.

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