Advanced privileged account access management appliance

Symark announced PowerKeeper 3.0, the latest version of their advanced privileged account access management appliance for the secure creation, control, storage and retrieval of privileged administrative account passwords.

PowerKeeper 3.0 includes support for application-to-application (A2A) and application-to-database (A2DB) connectivity, and bolsters security by replacing embedded credentials with one-time-use passwords. The new version also utilizes the HP ProLiant DL360 G5 server, which, when combined with PowerKeeper 3.0, significantly improves system availability and facilitates greater scalability to handle more users, managed systems and managed accounts per appliance.

PowerKeeper provides the combination of a secured, hardened appliance with the use of only commercially supported FIPS-140 validated encryption components. This provides the best security techniques available for protecting passwords — and the accounts they access — from unauthorized use.

By protecting the UNIX/Linux root, Windows Administrator and other privileged accounts such as Cisco Enable — the virtual “keys to the kingdom” — PowerKeeper enables organizations to create a secure access control infrastructure that satisfies corporate governance, compliance and risk guidelines. PowerKeeper also tracks and logs all password activity — including requests and releases — and creates a comprehensive audit trail from which various reports can be generated.

PowerKeeper 3.0 is available now. Cost is $25,000 per appliance, which includes 100 licenses to manage 100 different systems with an unlimited number of users.

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