Cloudmark granted patent for spam blocking technology

Cloudmark announced that it has been awarded U.S. Patent: 7,373,385, for Cloudmark’s Global Threat Network technology. This patented technology, the Global Threat Network system, is the industry’s first collaborative threat detection system.

The Global Threat Network system consists of 600 million trusted reporting sources, including service provider abuse teams, systems administrators, honeypots and users, who report e-mail messages into the system in real-time. Corroborated feedback from these reporters enables Cloudmark to automatically block new spam, phishing and virus outbreaks within minutes of the original attack.

Leon Rishniw, VP of Engineering at Cloudmark commented:

Today’s sophisticated and fast-moving messaging attacks easily outpace solutions that rely on manual isolation and remediation. Only an automated, real-time global threat detection system can offer the accuracy and fast response time needed to effectively combat today’s threats.

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