SD memory card for applications where recorded data must be unalterable

SanDisk Corporation introduced the SanDisk SDTM WORM Card, a Write Once Read Many (WORM) digital memory card intended for professional uses such as police investigations, court testimony, electronic voting and other applications where data files must be protected from alteration or deletion.

Analog recording media such as film and audio tape are rapidly becoming obsolete, driving demand for a solution suitable for today’s digital devices. But conventional rewritable memory cards do not meet legal requirements to prevent data tampering.

Digital data written to SanDisk SD WORM cards is effectively locked as soon as it is recorded; there is no physical way to alter or delete individual recorded files. Yet viewing the data is simple, because the cards are readable in any standard SD slot attached to a computer or other SD-compatible device.
SanDisk SD WORM cards also offer 100-year archive life1, when kept under appropriate storage conditions.

Applications for the SanDisk SD WORM card include:

  • Police photography and witness/suspect interviews, where courts require proof that photos and audio recordings are genuine.

Court proceedings, such as trials and depositions.

Electronic voting, where recorded votes must be tamper-proof.

Cash registers which record transactions for tax collection purposes.

Event recorders, such as security cameras and “black box” flight-data recorders.

Medical devices which retain individual patient treatment data.

Personal digital assistants (PDAs) and similar devices used by physicians and other health-care professionals to track patient interactions.

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