First ruggedized NAC appliance

Mirage Networks released a ruggedized appliance that is designed for environments where standard equipment cannot be deployed. The new appliance withstands temperature extremes, vibration and airborne contaminants – conditions that occur in less than ideal environments where computing equipment is essential.

Independently tested to comply with select MIL-STD-810F standards, the ruggedized NAC appliance was engineered for industrial environments in gas and energy, transportation, military and manufacturing organizations. But customers across all vertical markets have requirements for devices that are durable enough to withstand severe conditions.

Many organizations do not have dedicated facilities for IT equipment and deploy them into poorly ventilated spare closets or alongside heavy industrial machinery. And while data centers and IT closets are often cool and clean environments, in many cases they do not meet specifications for HVAC and air purity. Offshore oil rigs, power generation plants, manufacturing facilities and mass transit systems are only a few examples of harsh environments where organizations have a tremendous challenges deploying computing equipment.

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