Disaster recovery protection for Citrix XenServer virtual machines

SteelEye Technology announced general availability of SteelEye Protection Suite, a comprehensive solution that provides disaster protection of virtual machines running on Citrix XenServer. SteelEye Protection Suite delivers real-time LAN and WAN replication of XenServer virtual machines. It is designed for companies that have migrated critical enterprise applications to XenServer virtual machines and want enhanced protection against data centre outages to ensure business continuity.

Citrix XenServer maximises the cost benefits that virtualisation offers through server consolidation and SteelEye Protection Suite ensures complete protection of a XenServer deployment against unplanned downtime. SteelEye Protection Suite integrates with XenMotion and XenCenter to fully support manual movement of replicated VMs within a server pool.

Disaster recovery protection is fully maintained as VMs are moved within the server pool. SteelEye Protection Suite is a host-based, storage repository replication solution that provides true continuous data protection (CDP), change-only replication, integrated compression and a highly optimised replication engine.

SteelEye has also joined the Citrix Readyâ„? Program, an initiative designed for organisations that have demonstrated product and solution compatibility with one or more Citrix products. The Citrix Ready designation makes it easier for customers and channel partners to identify products that have been thoroughly tested and supported and can be used with confidence in Citrix environments.

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