First wireless intrusion prevention software provider to support IPv6

AirDefense is the first wireless intrusion prevention system (WIPS) provider to add support for Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6). Over the next decade, IPv6 will replace IPv4, which has been in use for the past several decades for all Internet-based communication.

IPv6 is the next-generation protocol that enables new applications for IP telephony, video/audio, interactive games and e-commerce to pass smoothly through enterprises. In addition, the number of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses being supported by IPv4 is expected to run out, and IPv6 will allow for virtually unlimited internet addresses, allowing more space for the wireless domain. The U.S. Government has mandated support of IPv6 for all agencies to realize the security and capacity increases that the protocol offers.

Several of AirDefense’s government customers are already operating IPv6 networks. In addition, information technology companies doing business with the federal government are mandated to

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