IPsec security toolkit optimized for new Intel EP80579 integrated processors

SafeNet announced that the company’s industry-proven IPsec security toolkit, QuickSec/IPsec, has been optimized specifically for the new Intel EP80579 Integrated Processor product line.

The Intel EP80579 Integrated Processor product line is ideal for developers of networking devices—such as VoIP gateways, wireless and WiMAX access, and security appliances—designing for low cost, secure SOC solutions that integrate multiple applications into one appliance, minimizing procurement and management expenditures. The optimization of SafeNet’s QuickSec/IPsec security toolkit for the new Intel Integrated Processors will provide customers with a fast, reliable security solution which can be taken to market quickly while reducing costs.

SafeNet’s QuickSec/IPsec Toolkit implements the most current IPsec security features including IKEv2, MOBIKE, a stateful TCP/IP firewall, and IPv6 support providing customers with a future-proof, massively scaleable and easy to integrate high-performance embedded security solution. Developers of networking devices such as VoIP gateway, wireless and WiMAX access and security appliances can take advantage of SafeNet’s off-the shelf IPsec software solutions to reduce cost and greatly speed up their product development.

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