New high-end home chip and PIN security solution

XIRING today unveiled the Xi-Sign 5000, a Home Chip and PIN security solution for e-banking and e-commerce, specifically designed for premier customers.

The Xi-Sign 5000 has been designed for banks’ high-end customers with a sophisticated look and feel and luxury packaging and sleeve. The “exclusive solution for exclusive customers’ has been welcomed by banks looking to differentiate their online security solution offered to high-end customers in a similar way to how they offer different types of credit / debit card packages, such as classic, gold and premium.
In the United Kingdom, where XIRING has now dispatched four million Home Chip and PIN card readers, banks are seeking to apply a segmented approach to their Home Chip and PIN strategy in the same way as they approach other products. XIRING offers the broadest range of Home Chip and PIN security solutions which all rely on the same technology, enabling a XIRING customer to immediately deploy any new product from the Xi-Sign range.
The Xi-Sign 5000 will be rolled out in September across Europe

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