First automated DNSSEC signing application

Secure64 Software Corporation has developed a product that simplifies the implementation and management of DNSSEC. Secure64 DNS Signer is the first and only product that addresses each of the obstacles that have slowed the widespread deployment of DNSSEC zone signing, including the need for simplicity, security, auditability and scalability. While recent patching efforts have mitigated the impact of the cache poisoning vulnerability identified by Dan Kaminsky and widely reported by the media, deployment of DNSSEC is widely regarded as the only viable long-term solution to securing the Domain Name System (DNS).

Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) provides authentication of the origin of DNS data, assurance of data integrity, and authenticated denial of existence – the three elements necessary to increase the security of the Internet’s DNS infrastructure. With DNSSEC, internet users can know with certainty that they are at the correct site and that there is no man in the middle spying on them.

Without DNSSEC there is a much higher risk of fraud, loss of confidentiality, and identity theft. FISMA Act encourages U.S. government agencies to configure their DNS servers to the DNSSEC security specifications set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and it has been reported that the federal government’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) plans to begin enforcing DNSSEC requirements through an auditing process, setting the standard for DNS best practices.

The Secure64 DNS Signer:

  • Deploys in days rather than months
  • Automates all key management activity securely
  • Offers compatibility with existing provisioning systems/slave architectures
  • Scales to millions of records and hundreds of thousands of zones
  • Supports highly dynamic environments with minimal signing latency
  • Utilizes a Genuinely Secure, Trusted Computing Platform
  • Secure64 DNS Signer simplifies the complex process of signing DNS zones by automating all key generation, key rollover, and zone signing and resigning processes, and reduces risk by eliminating signing errors that make network resources unreachable. Secure64 DNS Signer also addresses the need to scale to extremely large, dynamic environments by providing both incremental and bulk zone signing with extremely high signing performance.

    Secure64 DNS Signer is priced starting at $14,995 and will be available in September 2008.

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