Security for road warriors using Windows

CoSoSys released Carry it Easy +Plus 3.0 for portable storage devices. The new software version includes features that focus on increased security, productivity and comfort for users of portable storage devices when working away from home.

With the new SafeLogin feature, all your website login credentials are stored securely in encrypted format on your portable storage device and automatically entered on any PC without the use of a keyboard. This feature does not only make logging in secure but also more convenient. The software also turns your portable device into a screensaver lock. When activating this option you turn your portable storage device into a unique key that accesses or locks your PC when moving around your workplace and away from the computer.

Carry it Easy +Plus offers road warriors or people working on multiple PCs many vital features that allow for a pleasant and effective work experience: 128 bit AES data encryption, Outlook e-mail, contact and calendar sync, File & Folder Sync, No Trace Internet Browsing, Internet Favorites Sync, portable Windows Mail/Outlook Express, Data Compression and the Lost & Found feature.

Carry it Easy +Plus can be used on any PC that has Windows Vista, Windows XP or Windows 2000 installed and is available in 17 different languages.

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