Automate the exchange of product design data in the enterprise

Trubiquity launched TRUfusion, a new software product that automates the exchange of product design data across a customer’s extended enterprises. TRUfusion enables the secure transfer of large, complex data files stored in computer-aided design (CAD) and product lifecycle management (PLM) systems.

It also ensures that product designs are up-to-date and in a correct file format for global collaboration. In addition, TRUfusion integrates with a customer’s existing engineering applications and offers the ability to exchange data across all communication protocols and geographies.

Launched on TRUcore, Trubiquity’s new software-as-a-service based systems architecture, TRUfusion will replace the company’s former data exchange automation software products, Fusion-DX and DDX. TRUfusion integrates with Trubiquity’s popular TRUexchange product which can be accessed globally via the Internet at anytime.

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