Safeguard inventory and sensitive assets

MIKOH Corporation introduced Smart&Secure Warehouse, a packaged solution that delivers physical security and tamper evidence for inventory management and advanced RFID applications within warehouse and distribution center environments.

RFID streamlines warehouse and distribution center operations, including inventory management and value-add applications such as track and trace from shipping, receiving and various warehouse staging areas; dynamic shelf allocation and smart shelf systems; chain of custody verification; quality assurance certainty; lean manufacturing and Six Sigma optimization; just-in-time (JIT) delivery models; and cataloging long-term storage and archiving.

MIKOH Smart&Secure Warehouse alleviates uncertainty for RFID applications by validating the unique relationship between an RFID tag and the product/container to which it is attached. The solution creates a tamper evident seal that disables RFID functionality if a tag is removed or compromised. A more advanced version alerts an RFID reader that the tag has been compromised without disabling RFID functionality, enabling the ongoing retrieval of data stored on the tag

Larger facilities can incorporate MIKOH’s SmartEnclosure system to seal larger containers and storage rooms. The system is based on intellectual property licensed from the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) consisting of reusable housings that bolt onto existing transport containers or storage doors. Disposable plastic inserts slide into the housings to create a seal, which can then be secured by Smart&Secure RFID tags.

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