Standards-based access control solution

Juniper Networks announced the next generation of its standards-based Juniper Networks Unified Access Control (UAC) 2.2 software and the Juniper Networks Infranet Controller 4500 (IC 4500) and Infranet Controller 6500 (IC 6500) hardened, centralized policy management servers.

Today’s high-performance businesses are faced with the mounting challenge of protecting their networked assets while dynamically provisioning secure, differentiated local access across an increasingly distributed network environment. They require a flexible and scalable solution that can reduce the cost and complexity of deployment, while maintaining secure, uninterrupted authorized access to business-critical applications and operations. Juniper Networks UAC 2.2, with the IC 4500 and IC 6500 policy engines, extends access control deeper into existing network and security infrastructure, providing an extensive set of endpoint security checks and features.

Juniper Networks UAC 2.2 delivers centralized policy management when deployed with Juniper Networks NSM and Secure Access SSL VPN appliances, enabling customers to deliver uniform remote and local access control policy implementation and enforcement across the distributed network.

The IC 6500 delivers double the capacity of the previous generation Infranet Controllers with support for up to 30,000 simultaneous endpoint devices in a single multi-unit cluster.

Juniper Networks UAC 2.2 is based on open industry standards, including those defined by the Trusted Network Connect (TNC) Work Group of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). It supports the TNC Statement of Health (SOH) standard protocol, which extends UAC support to the Microsoft Windows Statement of Health (SOH) and Embedded NAP Agents, allowing customers to interoperate with Juniper Networks UAC through the Microsoft Windows Vista and/or Windows XP (SP3) clients. This allows customers to leverage existing network infrastructure and components, ensuring cost-effective and flexible access control and simplified deployment for organizations of all sizes.

Juniper Networks UAC 2.2 and the IC 4500 and IC 6500 platforms are available today through Juniper Networks and its global network of reseller partners. UAC 2.2 software is free of charge to customers with active maintenance contracts. For new customers, the list price for UAC 2.2 software begins at US $1,500 for a 25 simultaneous endpoint device license. The new Infranet Controller hardware is an additional cost. Contact your Juniper Networks representative or authorized partner for additional information.

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