Secure video and audio for enhanced protection

Lorex launched its new ultra digital wireless technology which provides secure video and audio. The encrypted frequency hopping technology guarantees privacy and prevents traditional interference from other technology devices such as cordless phones, wireless routers and microwave ovens.

The Portable Digital Wireless Monitoring System (LW2002) has all the components for a true all-wireless solution. The LW2002 features a sleek 2.4″ color LCD monitor/receiver that can also be hooked into any TV for large screen viewing. Using a secure and encrypted signal to assure privacy at all times, the LW2002 provides interference free transmission and is expandable up to four cameras. Equipped with night vision for optimal day/night viewing, built in microphone for listen-in audio, the camera can also be battery powered for true portability. The receiver features a rechargeable lithium battery, a user-friendly on screen display and a signal strength indicator, ideal for wireless applications.

The Digital Wireless Surveillance System (LW2101) features a compact weather resistant, metal encased indoor/outdoor camera and receiver that connects wirelessly to any TV or digital video recorder. This unit utilizes the latest ultra digital wireless technology, providing excellent image quality, including night vision and listen-in audio. This system also expands to accommodate four cameras and allows users to control the camera with a digital pan, tilt and zoom feature. With the LW2101, users can attach multiple receivers to a DVR to create a complete remote viewing wireless surveillance system.

The new digital wireless products can be used as stand-alone devices, but are also designed to work as add-on accessories to other surveillance products such as digital video recorders and all-in-one integrated systems like the LOREX L20WD800 series. These products are scalable and can be used in many different environments such as homes, offices, warehouses or retail stores that require a high quality surveillance solution without the inconvenience of running cables.

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