New generation of mobile biometric ID device

The Morpho RapID 1100 is a handheld biometric device that integrates a digital camera to support facial recognition, a larger screen, a keyboard and enhanced wireless communication capabilities, all in a smaller more ergonomic unit. Sagem Morpho designed the Morpho RapID line of mobile biometric devices to enable police officers and border patrol agents in the field to accurately identify suspects in real-time based on fingerprints and facial recognition information.

The Morpho RapID 1100 is built on the Psion Teklogix iKon, a new rugged handheld PDA highly resistant to dust and rain. Increased wireless communication options now include WiFi, cellular and BlueTooth with GPS localization for rapid data transfer from any location. A 500-ppi forensic-quality ruggedized scanner captures digital images of a suspect’s fingerprints. Using highly accurate Sagem Morpho Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS) technology, these prints are instantly compared against an on-board watch list of up to 180,000 records, or transmitted wirelessly for automated identification against a centralized database. Mug shots can also be captured with the integrated 2-mega-pixel camera for facial recognition.

Search results are returned for review on the Morpho RapID 3.7-inch screen with customer defined data, such as mug shots, rap sheets, wants/warrants, etc. Fast positive identification with full reporting means an officer can assess risk on-site very quickly, without having to return to the station or even the police cruiser. The entire automated process can range from near real-time to less than three minutes, depending on such factors as information requested, communication, and database size.

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