Protect applications within virtual environments

Check Point announced VPN-1 Virtual Edition (VE). Virtualization of multiple servers into a single appliance creates an entirely new type of environment that requires new ways to protect segregated applications and information from one another without the use of physical security appliances.

Check Point’s VPN-1 VE restores the separation and security of applications as if they were still located on separate servers. VPN-1 VE also integrates completely into a customer’s overall Check Point security infrastructure, making it possible to manage Check Point appliances and software for open servers, “Secured by Check Point” appliances and VPN-1 VE from a single interface.

VPN-1 VE features:

  • Secures virtual environments with a preconfigured solution that is tailored for VMware ESX or ESXi environments to help ensure an easy, optimal deployment.
  • Eliminates the need for additional security appliances to protect virtual applications, thereby lowering costs.
  • Integrates with the same unified interface as other Check Point security gateways.
  • Strengthens auditing, compliance and risk management with unified logging for the entire security infrastructure, including virtual environments.
  • Enables quick deployment for provisioning or disaster recovery.

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