New version of SifoML e-mail gateway appliance

O2Security released the newest version of its email gateway appliance. SifoML v3.9 provides new features and enhancements, including the ability to prevent attacks on networks from bounced emails, new greylist controls, Anti-Denial of Service (DoS) capabilities and POP3 email file journaling.

Among the new and upgraded features in SifoML v3.9 are:

  • Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV): Prevents attacks sent via bounced mails, such as undelivered, auto-reply and e-newsletter messages. All such traffic with tags that do not match those generated by SifoML will be rejected or quarantined.
  • Anti-SPAM Greylist Enhancements: Greylists mails now require two check conditions; a sender/recipient pair and a source IP/sender/recipient group.
  • Mail Protection – Anti-DoS: The ability to block IP addresses from which the number of bad senders exceed a certain threshold.
  • POP3 Email Journaling: The ability to capture and backup the mail folders of all exchanges/notes journaling accounts sent using POP3 servers, including inbound, outbound and local (internal) mails.
  • Mail Policy Compliance: Control the amount of mail traffic allowed within a time period.

With its content-filtering on emails and security management features, SifoML performs deep inspection and filters out threats that traditional firewall would normally fail to intercept. These include the ever-increasing spam mails, viruses, Trojan horses, worms, network viruses and threats from network hackers.

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