Data leakage prevention for Windows

Applied Security launched fideAS 3.3, a data leakage prevention solution. Designed to protect and secure access to sensitive data on fileservers, desktops and laptops by encrypting all the files and folders on the disk drives, fideAS file enterprise is now available for Windows Vista and Windows 2008 Server (32 bits).

With the new release, data protected by fideAS file enterprise has additional protection. For example, encrypted files can only be copied or moved to other encrypted folders within the network while revision-proof monitoring and logging of all security-critical actions by users and even administrators are provided.

The highest levels of security are delivered by using RSA keys up to 4096 bits along with multiple-tenant capability. Together with the new master/slave concept for security servers this facilitates the use of fideAS file enterprise in large enterprises with distributed locations. Master and slave servers synchronize automatically, reducing the administrative effort and balancing the network load.

Integrated into existing workflow and completely transparent to users, the fideAS encryption process can also be used to control removable storage media such as USB keys or removable hard drives. This prevents data theft or leakage from portable devices and ensures that viruses or other malware are blocked from getting onto the network.

Other features of fideAS file enterprise include automatic encryption of email attachments and the enforcement of the ‘four-eyes-principle’ that ensures at least two people are present to access specific confidential data.

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