Patch assessment and remediation of your complete virtual world

Shavlik Technologies announced the availability of Shavlik NetChk Protect 6.5. Shavlik NetChk Protect 6.5 is the industry’s first virtual machine management solution that provides continuous patch assessment and remediation of your complete virtual world, including Offline Virtual Images.

Adoption of virtualization technology is driven by improved use of physical servers; “green IT” via reduced power consumption and reduced rack space; lower maintenance costs; simplified system backup; improving system availability and disaster recovery; and centralized software management. But the cost savings from a virtualization strategy quickly disappear if manual processes are utilized to maintain required configuration and patch levels of virtual systems.

NetChk Protect 6.5 extends Shavlik’s Any Patch/Any Where assessment technology to offline virtual images and fully automates continuous patch assessment and deployment which cuts costs and eases time constraints on overburdened IT staff. NetChk Protect 6.5 provides more powerful security through continuous identification and remediation of security gaps and redundant overlaps.

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