AppGate mobile VPN client now with soft certificates support

AppGate’s new mobile VPN client now supports soft certificates, enabling improved user authentication with no added complexity for the user.  With this development, mobile phones no longer have to be the security exception in the corporate infrastructure and more and more organizations can start to rely on certificates to identify users and to control access to information.

The AppGate mobile client now supports X.509 certificate authentication using soft certificates stored encrypted on the device.  Users only have to enter their password to unlock the certificate which will be used to authenticate the user on remote servers.  This enables the mobile devices to become true two-factor authentication systems since both the user’s password and the certificate are needed in the authentication process.  The client can also disable the certificate after a specified number of incorrect password guessing attempts.  The support for soft certificates is useful for organisations that globally want to deploy a PKI infrastructure or to add an AppGate system to an existing PKI infrastructure.
With support for certificate authentication on all types of devices, from servers and desktop computers to mobile devices and phones, many advantages are gained from an IT department’s perspective since everyone can use the same authentication methods and no special solutions are needed.  It is also possible to save time and resources and reduce help-desk costs with over-the-air (OTA) provisioning.

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