Enhanced Microsoft SharePoint Server security

WorldExtend announced that its IronDoor 3.5 remote network access software makes it simple for over 100 million licensed Microsoft SharePoint Server users to significantly enhance system security.  As the only non-VPN solution to enable users to access Microsoft SharePoint Server without opening any inbound firewall ports, IronDoor 3.5 eliminates the high costs and technical hurdles associated with a VPN – making secure access to SharePoint a cost-effective reality for any organization.

Thanks to WorldExtend’s Ø-Port technology, which guarantees there are no open inbound firewall ports, IronDoor 3.5 ensures that organizations do not have to sacrifice network security in order to benefit from the productivity gains associated with staff being able to remotely access company data or client/server applications, such as e-mail, intranet applications, accounting, billing programs, or home-grown applications.  Simple and affordable for any organization, IronDoor 3.5 enables users to benefit from such functionality as secure, anytime/anywhere access to both applications and data (similar to Citrix) and Telnet access.

Built on the robust and flexible Microsoft .NET framework, IronDoor 3.5 enables any-sized organization to securely manage credentials via a single web dashboard – making it simple to permit an unlimited number of employees, branch offices, suppliers, or customers to gain instant secure access to company applications and data from an Internet Explorer web browser.

Delivered via an extremely-simple and intuitive wizard-driven download that requires no dedicated hardware or dedicated IT resources, IronDoor 3.5 makes it easy for any organization to enjoy the increased business agility and productivity gains of remote access and application publishing that were previously only available via extremely costly and complicated solutions. IronDoor’s highly-flexible design also makes it easy for organizations to add additional value-added services and enhancements that can be customized and branded to meet business requirements.

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