Security source code analysis company secures $7.5M in funding

Ounce Labs, the industry leader in enterprise security source code analysis, today announced it has secured $7.5 million in funding led by venture capital firms Greylock Partners and Commonweath Capital Ventures.  Ounce Labs will use the funds to optimize the company’s operations in order to accelerate market awareness of the widespread security problems that demand a focused software solution.

Gary Jackson, CEO and president of Ounce Labs commented:

Application security is an enormous problem being faced by companies of all sizes.  Certain vulnerabilities can only be identified and properly evaluated with source code scanning.

With this new financing, we will establish a viral community dedicated to removing many of the most attractive targets for the bad guys, and to do it in a way that every organization can understand and use.  Our mission is to ensure that this year, every company will have access to these tools and will be able to afford, deploy, and capitalize on them.

Ounce Labs’ enterprise source code analysis technology, in use by many Fortune 500 companies, and leading Ecommerce, and Financial Institutions, helps to drive the elimination of business-critical software vulnerabilities across a broad portfolio of applications.

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