Bank warns consumers of voice phishing scam

First Command Bank is warning consumers about a new identity theft scam that uses the telephone to steal credit card data. With voice phishing (also known as “voiching” or “vishing”), identity thieves use voice response telephone systems to dupe consumers into revealing personal data. While the scenarios vary, the consumer typically receives either an e-mail or a recorded phone message asking them to call their credit card company regarding a pending security issue or to discuss their account.

They are given an 800 number that features recorded messages and prompts copied from the actual institution, making it almost impossible to recognize as a fraudulent number. Once the call is made, the consumer is instructed to provide credit card numbers, PINs and other data to confirm or update their account.

David White, president of First Command Bank commented:

We are concerned that these attacks against consumers and their financial institutions are increasing at an alarming rate. The good news is consumers can protect themselves through some simple precautions. Most importantly, do not provide personal data in response to an e-mail or phone call.

If you have a question concerning your account, you should contact your bank directly using a telephone number from your account statement, a telephone book or other independent source. And remember, your bank already knows who you are. They will never ask for your card number for verification.

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