SandBox Analyzer for Linux and addition of file-format exploit support

Norman’s SandBox technology continues to lead the fight against malware, helping security experts more quickly and accurately mitigate security threats. As security challenges become more complex, Norman’s tools are evolving to make analysis and reverse engineering tasks in security labs straightforward and more efficient. The latest update to the Norman SandBox products will save our users even more time from processing malware samples.

Norman today released the SandBox Analyzer for Linux to the product line giving customers an important option to the popular Windows version of the SandBox Analyzer.

Arvid Gomez, Vice President of OEM and Technology Sales commented:

The Linux product is welcomed especially by customers using SandBox technology in automated malware analysis environments. Customers prefer the stabile and efficient nature of the Linux based operating system on their production servers. The Linux product lets customers use their preferred OS of choice.

As part of this major SandBox release, SandBox Analyzer products now have the ability to not only detect and analyze executable code, but also exploit code concealed in Microsoft Office as well as other popular exploitable file formats.

In addition to these improvements, the recent release of the Norman SandBox includes a new emulator, advancing functionality, boosting analysis speed by 10%, and increasing detection by nearly 20%. SandBox Analyzer Pro also gained important debugging features and functionality.

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