Network troubleshooting and remediation with PacketTrap Perspective

PacketTrap Networks announced the availability of PacketTrap Perspective, a new network troubleshooting and remediation solution developed for the single and multiple-site networks. With a uniquely-designed central management console, the solution simplifies laborious, highly manual, time-consuming network management tasks such as application monitoring, traffic troubleshooting, router configuration and log file management.

Perspective was designed with the help of more than 10,000 network administrators who provided critical input regarding features, functions and usability. The solution’s early access program, launched on Aug. 5, 2008, was over-subscribed and included participants from midsize and distributed enterprises such as Putnam Bank, GE Healthcare, Mandarin Oriental Hotels, and Hyundai North America.

PacketTrap Perspective features:

  • Performance Outpaces Competition. Perspective is built on a true, next-generation platform without all the kludges and workarounds inherent in older products.
  • Load-and-Go. Perspective takes less than 15 minutes to install, configure and customize so it can be in operation very quickly.
  • Smart Policies. Perspective recommends optimal monitors and data collection settings using an intuitive, straight-forward interface that takes the guess work out of network monitoring.
  • Performance Baselines. To prevent false positive notifications that often plague network administrators, Perspective allows users to configure alerts based on rolling performance baselines that represent regular and expected behavior for devices and network traffic. Alerts are delivered as SMS or email messages and provide in-depth information about the issue at-hand.
  • Easy Remediation. Perspective allows for automated self-healing actions for Linux and Windows devices when network and device performance begins to degrade. Email alerts upon successful remediation allow for quick communication among IT personnel. Scheduled actions can also be set for routine maintenance.
  • Monitoring Dashboards. Perspective Dashboards provide unparalleled visibility to all levels of the organization into network performance, fault management, and device availability across any size of network. With support for drag and drop, it’s easy to customize each dashboard by simply adding and removing gadgets.
  • Flexible Reporting. Reports can be generated graphically or by lists with real-time or historical views. The easy-to-use reporting interface allows for exporting to PDF and HTML formats for easy viewing by other executives in the company.

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