Cyber Forensics Academy scheduled to begin in October

Paradigm Holdings, a provider of comprehensive information technology and business solutions for federal government enterprises, has established an internal cyber forensics training academy to address the growing needs of the U.S. government in defensively and proactively dealing with the problem of cyber crime.

The company has identified cyber forensics and information assurance services as a key growth sector for the Company and the establishment of the Cyber Forensics Academy is a direct reflection of its commitment to this market space. Paradigm is currently the lead contractor supporting the U.S. Department of State’s computer forensics lab.

The Paradigm Cyber Forensics Academy curriculum was developed by senior employees who are certified technical subject matter experts. The initial running of the course, which involves over 88 hours of instruction by internal experts, was completed earlier this year and a second session is scheduled to begin in October 2008.

The scope of Paradigm’s forensic capabilities and the newly established training program includes collecting, handling, analyzing and presenting evidence as well as providing warrant execution support and forensics and evidence training. Newer forensics disciplines such as code analysis, network analysis and forensic audio and video analysis, are also being addressed.

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