New reporting console for DbProtect database security suite

Application Security announced the Analytics 1.0 reporting console for its industry-leading DbProtect database security suite. Analytics complements DbProtect’s existing reporting capabilities by adding management-level dashboards and reports that address the varying security, compliance and operational needs faced by most organizations.

The Analytics dashboard and reporting console is built into DbProtect to offer customers an integrated view of security and compliance information, including vulnerability assessment, privileged user and patch-gap data. This combination of vulnerability assessment and monitoring information is entirely unique in today’s market, and provides organizations with a more complete understanding of the state of their database controls and how they relate to security and compliance requirements.

Based on the industry-leading Cognos business intelligence suite, DbProtect’s Analytics module provides customers with an enhanced set of dashboards consisting of security, compliance and operations key performance indicators. In addition, Analytics produces trending, progress, privileged activity, patch-gap analysis and compliance reports.

Summarized highlights include:

  • Executive-level dashboards and reports provide a comprehensive overview of organizational security and compliance status
  • Operational-level dashboards and reports ensure systems are functioning properly
  • Drill-down capabilities within the dashboards provide access to increased detail
  • More than 20 new reports make it easy to base security and compliance initiatives based on industry best practices
  • Flexible reporting features to provide organizations with solutions to meet their internal and auditing initiatives
  • Multi-format reports ease integration with internal and third-party systems: MS Word, PDF, HTML, MS Excel and Raw Data

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