Portable solution for critical data extraction

After ten months of successful use by more than 1000 law enforcement and homeland security organizations worldwide, Cellebrite USA launched their Universal Forensic Extraction Device. The UFED is a portable, stand-alone solution for the extraction of critical data such as phonebook, pictures, videos, text messages, call logs, ESN and IMEI information from more than 1500+ models of handsets sold worldwide.

The use of new technologies for extracting data from mobile devices is a valuable tool in criminal investigations. Cellebrite’s UFED is a tool for investigators, government and law enforcement agencies working in the field or forensics lab.

The UFED system supports 95 percent of all cellular phones in the market today, including Smartphones and PDA devices (Palm OS, Microsoft, Blackberry and Symbian). UFED is compatible with all wireless service providers in the United States and supports all known device interfaces including serial, USB, Bluetooth, and infrared.

Field extraction of data insures that phones are examined before any information is lost, destroyed or erased. Using a computer is not required for field use as the UFED can easily store hundreds of phonebook and content items onto a removable SD card or USB flash drive; it can then be brought to the forensic lab for review and verification. Included with the UFED system is a Report Manager software application that can save, print, search, and analyze complete records of all supported content types of cellular phone data.

UFED is user friendly with a simple and intuitive user interface. Data is extracted in a strictly “read only’ process, without modifying the source device. The extracted data is verified using industry standard MD5 hash algorithm to insure data integrity for the courtroom. The Cellebrite UFED system supports the Unicode industry standard, supporting foreign alphabet systems for data extracted from the handset, supporting European, Asian and Middle-Eastern languages.

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