Green SSL VPN series

Array Networks expanded its power-efficient, green SPX series (1800, 2800, 4800, 5800, 6800). The new SPX series offers flexible remote identity-based access to enable a range of remote access options (Web, Layer-3, and application-specific) through common web browsers for a larger number of users than previously possible on the previous generation. It provides full network-level Layer 3 secure connectivity no matter where or how users access their networks, which increases overall productivity.

In comparison with competitors’ solutions on the market, Array’s SPX series consumes significantly less power. For example, SPX 2800 uses a maximum of 134 watts of power to support up to 1000 concurrent users, which equals 0.13 watt of power per concurrent user. It not only helps businesses cut back on energy consumption but also provides cost-savings in the data center.

Array’s new SPX series provides users access to business-critical applications and resources through both managed and un-managed devices such as desktops, laptops, mobile phones and PDAs, whether they are local, remote, fixed or wireless. Additionally, it offers users simple remote desktop access to office desktops as well as identity-based access control over WLAN Networks.

The SPX’s reverse-proxy technology enables files, Web pages and Web applications to be transformed automatically and presented within a secure portal for remote access. Utilizing an on-the-fly client that is universally compatible, Array’s network-level Layer-3 connectivity over SSL is transparent to the existing network infrastructure without the need to download any clients. This also comes with significant improvements in its Layer 3 VPN support for MacOS, Firefox and Mobile platforms as well as in its stand-alone client.

Array SPX series supports up to 256 separate SSL VPN virtual customized portals and allows organizations to support multiple business units, partners, and customers on a single platform. It offers both a CLI and a Web user interface that can easily be customized to create an intuitive management system. Additionally, third-party applications can be used to automate management tasks which greatly reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) and thereby increases productivity.


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