Free security awareness materials from ISC2 Cyber Exchange

(ISC)2 is inviting businesses and consumers to download free security awareness materials that have been provided by some of the organization’s 60,000 certified members worldwide. The materials are available on the new Cyber Exchange, an online security awareness resource center launched in support of the fifth annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month in October.

The Cyber Exchange houses free security awareness tools from around the world, designed to be used by any organization or individual that wishes to promote online safety at work or within their community. It can also serve as a support tool for private and public sector organizations required to meet cyber security awareness training requirements under directives such as the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

The Cyber Exchange features a user-friendly layout and navigation, easy search capability, and detailed description of each submission, including file name, file type, file size, and run time if the file is a video. Visitors can also rate each entry to alert other visitors to its quality

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