Enterprise security solution for Linux on IBM System z

SSH Communications Security introduced SSH Tectia Server for Linux on IBM System z. This new version provides a unified, end-to-end security model that extends from distributed platforms, to mainframes running the Linux operating system on the IBM System z platform, and also to virtualized environments.

SSH Tectia Server for Linux on IBM System z delivers data encryption, secure file transfers, secure application connectivity, and secure system administration, all in a single, scalable, high-performance solution. It also utilizes the hardware crypto accelerator on the IBM mainframe, creating less overhead and optimal performance.

In addition to providing support for IBM System z, the SSH Tectia Server for IBM z/OS solution also supports IBM z/OS as well as all key enterprise computing platforms, including Windows and UNIX, enabling seamless, end-to-end security for file transfers and data-in-transit throughout today’s heterogeneous computing environments.

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