New release of Oracle Adaptive Access Manager

Oracle released OracleAdaptive Access Manager 10g Release 3.

Key highlights include:

  • Enhanced Auto Learning — highly advanced statistical evaluation techniques that security administrators can use to establish sophisticated policies designed to thwart fraud in real-time by detecting usage anomalies and fraud patterns.
  • Investigation Management — new, powerful framework and tools deliver seamless flexibility for investigators and customer service representatives to review service logs for each user and to more easily investigate and analyze relationships to rapidly identify and prevent complex attacks.
  • Transaction Administration — new feature enables security policy administrators to more easily examine and evaluate transactional entities and define risk levels for transactions to proactively prevent fraud.
  • Advanced Reporting Tools — out-of-the-box integration with Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher simplifies forensic fraud investigation and analysis by providing organizations the ability to create custom report templates for streamlined audit and compliance management.
  • Globalization Support — expanded language support makes it easier for organizations to deploy the software throughout their global enterprise.

More information on the product can be found on Oracle’s homepage.

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