iPhone password safe utility SplashID enhanced with new features

SplashData announced a major update to the version of its SplashID secure information manager for iPhone and iPod® touch. The new SplashID version 4.5 offers significantly faster loading times, improved search and look-up functions, and a simpler, more elegant user interface.

After the initial launch of the iPhone version of SplashID this past July, the company began receiving a tremendous amount of feedback from a new legion of SplashID users – plus previous customers who have moved on to the iPhone and were thrilled to be able to once again use SplashID for securely storing passwords, user names, account numbers, and airline frequent flyer information. The new version 4.5 of SplashID is a response to requests from these customers and takes the application to a new level.

Enhancements to the new version of SplashID include:

  • Up to 2x faster loading times for power users with many records
  • Enhanced user interface with simplified navigation
  • Improved search and look-up functions
  • Landscape view
  • Number pad login
  • New browser window to make log-in to websites on the iPhone easier
  • Updated Mac and PC desktop software

SplashID for the iPhone can sync with a user’s PC or Mac wirelessly using optional SplashID desktop companion software available from SplashData. The desktop version offers even more powerful features, easier data entry, and the ability to import existing SplashID records from other devices.

SplashID is available for $9.99 from Apple’s App Store on devices running OS 2.0 or higher. Windows and Mac OS desktop companion software for each application is available for $19.95 directly from SplashData.

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