Protection of private files with Folder Castle 4.0

MagneticSoft released Folder Castle 4.0, a major update of the security tool that protects computer files and folders from snoops and thieves.

Folder Castle lets the user conceal personal folders or files so that other people who can log on the same computer do not have any idea that something is hidden away. In case of confidential or particularly sensitive documents, the program allows the user to go one step further and drag and drop files into a secure locker, which works as a mountable virtual drive with on-the-fly 256-bit AES encryption. This locker can be created anywhere on the local hard drive, or a USB stick if one wants to take the files with him to the office or any other place he is going to. Once the files are in the locker, they cannot be seen or accessed unless the user provides a valid password.

Version 4.0 introduces an additional layer of protection against network snoops. Now users can be sure no one can
ever see their hidden files if they are stored in shared folders, for example, My Documents. The other major change is an automatic check for updates. When this option is enabled, the program will go online to check for a new update automatically. Checks can be set to run every day, week or month. If an update is available, the user clicks the Download button and downloads the installer. Additionally, one can check for an update manually at any time.

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