New high-security contact and contactless smart card

Incard introduced its new Touch&Sign high-security contact and contactless smart card. The high-security smart card is designed for a range of applications in digital signature and identification markets for governmental and Public Key Infrastructure projects, and other key markets with similar requirements. Incard has achieved Common Criteria certification EAL level 4+ for Touch&Sign and has been certified, from April 2008, for the BSI protection profile for secure signature-creation devices. The device also offers lifecycle management compliant to ISO7816-9.

Primarily targeting European markets, Touch&Sign is the first of a new family from Incard, which increases the company’s existing offer by adding contactless connectivity based on ISO14443 type B, an onboard 2048-bit RSA key generation cryptographic coprocessor and an EEPROM memory size of 64 Kbytes.

The new product can be configured to perform for: digital signatures with RSA keys of up to 2048 bits; identity cards (CIE/CNS); electronic purses; health cards, both Health Professional Cards and Patient Data Cards; secure tokens for physical access control; and secure tokens for logical access control (Enterprise access).

Touch&Sign guarantees backward compatibility with former Incard products and provides smooth evolution to comply with the latest digital signature requirements being demanded by governmental and administrative bodies, most notably the requirement that key-generation lengths are longer than 1024 bits, in addition to contactless connectivity.

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