Securing control of shared account IDS

Passlogix unveiled the v-GO Shared Accounts Manager (v-GO SAM), a secure and audit-ready approach to providing system and application access for anyone who must share account IDs. v-GO SAM reduces the risk that enterprise systems will be compromised by the unauthorized use of privileged accounts. It also provides a way for enterprises to comply with HIPAA and PCI DSS regulations that prohibit the sharing of accounts between users.

v-GO SAM equips network administrators with a solution for managing shared credentials that:

  • Centralizes shared account storage and control, so that a user must request the use of a shared id that is approved or denied based on pre-established policies. An organization knows every time that a privileged credential is accessed or used.
  • Conceals passwords for all shared accounts, so that a user never actually knows the password of an account that is checked out. This prevents the inadvertent or malicious sharing of passwords as well as sabotage by rogue administrators.
  • Ties shared account usage to the actual user, so that the actual user of a shared id is known at all times. This facilitates regulatory compliance.
  • Consolidates conventional and shared credential management in a single infrastructure. For those organizations that must provide their users with single sign-on and manage administrators’ access to privileged accounts, v-GO SAM provides a common approach to both sets of requirements.

v-GO SAM is the only shared credential management solution that has the ability to control the actual usage of privileged / shared ids by policy, such as limiting their use to a time window, a maximum number of logons, or specific times and days. It requires two-factor authentication at the point of logon to ensure that the person using the account is actually the person who was authorized to check it out.

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