Secure Microsoft Office documents

Document Security Systems announced and launched the customer-ready release of AuthentiGuard DX, its innovative digital information security technology.

AuthentiGuard DX is a networked appliance that allows the author of any Microsoft Office document (Outlook, Word, Excel, or PowerPoint) to secure nearly any of its alphanumeric content when it is printed or digitally stored. AuthentiGuard DX prints selected content using DMC’S patented technology so that it cannot be read by the naked eye. Reading the hidden content, or authenticating the document is performed with a proprietary viewing device or software.

Delivering security at the click of a mouse, AuthentiGuard DX allows critical electronic files to become highly secure content that can be printed or archived in corporate storage systems. AuthentiGuard DX “shields” documents so that they can’t be tampered with or changed and will alert authorized users to attempted changes.

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