Top brass of hackers and IT security meet in Austria for DeepSec conference

DeepSec takes place in Vienna for the second time now and is set on creating a conference for hackers, companies, IT security staff and scientists as a  forum to exchange information and experience.

DeepSec has invited the top brass of the community: keynote speakers will be Adam Laurie, a renowned specialist for hacking into RFID radio systems, Ivan Krstic, former security director of the “One Laptop Per Child” project, and Johnny Long, who specialises in low-tech hacking, i.e. hacking with minimum technical means. Gadi Evron, a well-reputed Israeli security expert, contributes his knowledge about the cyber attacks on Estonia and Georgia to the programme.

Tickets for the conference and the workshop can be ordered on .

Workshops on the following issues will be held on Nov 11 and 12:

  • Improving Code with Destructive Data (Heikki Kortti and Jukka Taimisto)
  • Security Audit and Hardening of Java based Software (Marc Schoenefeld)
  • The Exploit Laboratory (Saumil Udayan Shah)
  • Design and Implementation of Security Awareness Campaigns (Stefan Schumacher)
  • Advanced Malware Deobfuscation (Scott Lambert)
  • Protocol and Traffic Analysis for Snort Signature (Matt Jonkman)
  • Secure Application Coding for Enterprise Software (Vimal Patel)

The conference on Nov 13 and 14 covers 30 talks about a wide range of security issues:

  • Achim Reckeweg, Sun Microsystems, Germany
  • Alexander Kornbrust, Red Database Security GmbH, Germany
  • Andrea Monti, Studio Legale Monti, Italy
  • Chema Alonso, José Parada, Inform??tica 64, Spain
  • Daniel Mende, Simon Rich, ERNW GmbH, Germany
  • Dr. Anton Chuvakin, LogLogic, Inc, USA
  • Gadi Evron, Israel
  • Haroon Meer, SensePost, South Africa
  • Jason Steer, IronPort, a division of Cisco Systems, UK
  • Joe Stewart, SecureWorks, USA
  • José Nazario, Arbor Networks, USA
  • Justine Osborne, iSEC Partners, USA
  • Kurt Grutzmacher, Pacific Gas & Electric, USA
  • Luciano Bello, CITEFA/Si6 , Debian Project, Argentina
  • Morgan Marquis-Boire,, New Zealand
  • Neelay S. Shah, Foundstone Inc., A Division of McAfee, USA
  • Paolo Perego, Spike Reply srl, Owasp Orizon Project leader, Italy
  • Peter Panholzer, SEC Consult Unternehmensberatung GmbH, Austria
  • Rafael Dominguez Vega, MWR InfoSecurity, UK
  • Scott Lambert, Jason Geffner, Microsoft, NGSSoftware Ltd., USA
  • Sharon Conheady, Ernst & Young, UK
  • Shreeraj Shah, Blueinfy Solutions, India
  • Simon Roses Femerling, Microsoft, Spain
  • Stefano Zanero, Politecnico di Milano TU
  • Claudio Criscione, SecureNetwork Srl, Italy
  • Vincenzo Iozzo, Secure Network, Italy
  • Yarochkin Fedor, guard-info, Kyrgyzstan
  • Yiannis Pavlosoglou, Ounce Labs / PhD, OWASP Project Leader, United Kingdom
  • fukami, SektionEins GmbH, Germany

Matt Jonkman will introduce a new project for developing a Next Generation Intrusion Detection/Prevention Software to which everyone can contribute openly. The project is promoted by the US Department of Homeland Security.

More issues will be Bot networks, secure programming, security awareness, analysis of malware, hardware weaknesses, web firewalls, log analysis, data base security, Web 2.0 (in)security and many more. The programme invites managing directors, ICT managers, administrators, developers, researchers and hackers. Networking and exchange of experience are desired and offered.


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