TeamViewer Portable for secure remote access from public workstations

TeamViewer Portable is an USB option for professionals accessing confidential information from public computers. The product provides users with secure remote access to a distant computer, when working at a public workstation.

When using TeamViewer Portable, no application or software is installed and no Windows registries are written on the workstation being used; all information remains secure on the stick. Subsequent users of the same workstation are not able to access license keys or passwords entered by the previous user.

As part of the Premium license, TeamViewer Portable is easily downloaded from the Internet onto either a USB or U3 stick. Following this, the complete software is available on the stick and can be launched, without installation or configuration, on any computer. As soon as the stick is inserted users are equipped to remotely access their computer from anywhere in the world.

TeamViewer software features cross-platform support, and is fully operational on both Windows and Mac systems. Like all TeamViewer solutions, TeamViewer Portable maintains the highest security standards. TeamViewer works behind firewalls, enabling information sharing without compromising computer security.

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