Remotely managed secure flash drives address multitude of security standards

Kanguru Solutions has added powerful new administrative tools to its Kanguru Remote Management Console, to help address government and enterprise security standards. These administrative tools give system administrators a level of control never before seen over their USB Drives and, in essence, make Kanguru secure flash drives intelligent; checking for server availability, notifying users of policy updates, scheduling password changes, and more. These features can be easily implemented in any organization using KRMC and select Kanguru Flash Drives.

Using KRMC with Kanguru Defender Encrypted Flash Drives helps government and enterprise organization meet security standards such as CESG, ISO/IEC 19790:2006, FIPS 140-2 and more.

In addition to original features such as remote password reset, remote drive deletion, and auditing capabilities, the new administrative tools allow administrators to configure their drives to react in both online and offline capacities. Drives can be configured to suspend access to stored data or dismount the drive if they remain offline beyond a preset time limit. They can also be programmed to erase data from the drive if it cannot access the server within a set period of time.

Another powerful feature of the new administrative tool is that it allows administrators to easily and efficiently enforce set organizational policies. They can view detailed reports to see which drives are compliant with set policies and notify those that are not so that the drives may be brought into compliance. The non compliant drives can be remotely updated, locked out or even deleted if the administrator chooses.

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