Mobility with centralized monitoring and auditing in StoneGate SSL VPN 1.2

Stonesoft introduced the StoneGate SSL VPN 1.2. With the new version, SSL VPN monitoring status and log details are integrated with the StoneGate Management Center, providing a centralized view of all remote connections.

The StoneGate SSL VPN 1.2 enables organizations to offer their employees and partners controlled and secure, yet flexible, access to important data from anywhere, at any time and with any device. Administrators can now easily access log data and monitor the status of SSL VPN appliances, as well as all other StoneGate network security appliances in one centralized view via the StoneGate Management Center.

Administrators can view the status of SSL VPN appliances as well as other monitoring information, such as the CPU load, via the StoneGate Management Center console. Resource unavailability can be noticed and addressed before it becomes a problem for remote users, and audits and reports required for regulatory compliance can be easily created. This further improves the security of the information flow between the organization, its partners, customers and employees, regardless of where they are and which devices they use to communicate with each other.

The StoneGate SSL VPN also offers enhanced load balancing features, with the StoneGate server pool monitoring agent. The StoneGate Firewall can act as a load balancer for a cluster of SSL VPN appliances. In a SSL VPN cluster both nodes are always active, so hardware investments are continuously in efficient use. If one node fails, the remaining node will handle the connections, allowing remote users to maintain access to required resources, no matter from where they are working.

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