New firewall matrix analysis technology

New AlgoSec Firewall Analyzer (AFA) Version 5.0 extends the solution’s capabilities to deliver the industry’s first Matrix Analysis, or tiered firewall-specific analysis system. With Matrix Analysis, enterprises, managed service providers, consultants and auditors receive unprecedented insight into multi-firewall and multi-vendor environments based on their relative hierarchy in the network.
AFA Version 5.0 is available to businesses and organizations worldwide in multiple form factors and depending on the specific needs and requirements of each individual enterprise network. Delivered via the SaaS model or in virtualized environment or as software or an appliance, the AFA provides the flexibility that businesses need to manage multi-firewall, multi-vendor, including Check Point, Cisco and Juniper, security environments.

Highlights of Version 5.0 include:

  • Matrix Analysis for evaluating several firewalls together, from single or multiple vendors, based on their relative hierarchy (path) in the network, ensuring tighter security and unmatched rule-base optimization;
  • Parallelization for enabling multiple analyses to be run in tandem reducing hardware requirements saving costs ;
  • Powerful additional optimization features including identifying unused objects within rules, and the ability to detect rules that are covered not only by earlier rules but also by subsequent rules;
  • Deepened vendor specific features for Check Point, Cisco and Juniper/NetScreen firewalls, routers and VPNs;
  • Modular, granular reports based on specific AlgoSec Product Editions (Operations, Optimization, Risk & Enterprise Editions);
  • Enhanced User Experience including Group Dashboards, superior topology diagram, and robust Web GUI functionality.

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