Winners of (ISC)2 Annual Cyber Security Awareness Contest

(ISC)2 announced the winners of its Cyber Security Awareness Month contest, where top professionals from around the world submitted security awareness materials to the Cyber Exchange, an online repository free to the public.

In support of Cyber Security Awareness Month, (ISC)2’s 60,000-plus certified members, representing preeminent information security experts from corporate, government and academic arenas spanning the globe, were invited to post materials that organizations and individuals could download to promote online safety at work or within the community for the second consecutive year.

(ISC)2 member winners were selected based on the number of public downloads of their materials. Each will receive US$1,000 from (ISC)2.

The winners are:

  • Rohit Kumar Goel, a CISSP, ISO 27001 LA based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for the “Evolution of Information Security” poster
  • Veera Subrahmanya Kumar Polisetty, a CISSP, CISA, PMP based in India, for the “Data Security in Public Places” poster
  • Aaron Marco, a CISSP based in the U.S., for the “5 Minute All Employee Security Education” presentation
  • K Rudolph, a CISSP based in the U.S., for the “Protect Data on USB Devices” poster
  • Maurice Stebila, a CISSP based in the U.S., for the “Information Protection Survivor Awareness” flyer

More than 100 cyber security materials were uploaded to the Cyber Exchange during the month of October and more than 10,000 downloads were recorded.

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