Alarm remote with advanced voice technology to protect smaller networks

DPS Telecom released their newest SNMP remote with advanced voice dial-out technology. The NetGuardian LT (“Lite”) was designed to offer advanced protection from network threats at smaller remote sites. This cost-effective RTU is the newest member of the dependable, time-tested NetGuardian family of remote telemetry units.

The NetGuardian LT makes it easy and affordable to monitor those sites needing just a few alarm points and a control relay. With up to 4 discrete alarm points, 2 analog temperature sensors, and a control relay, your smaller sites can now be effectively monitored.

With the NetGuardian LT, getting reliable alarm notifications and acknowledging alarms has never been easier. Voice dial-out technology allows you to receive custom voice notifications on your cell phone. You can also choose to have SNMP traps sent to your SNMP manager, such as HP OpenView or the T/Mon NOC.

Configuring and monitoring your sites with the NetGuardian LT can be accomplished from any web-enabled PC on your network. The NetGuardian LT features a built-in web browser where you’ll easily set up alarm point descriptions, view alarm status, issue controls, and much more. Even better – your configuration settings are protected from unexpected power outages as they’re stored directly on NetGuardian’s non-volatile RAM.

Do you know the real-time environmental conditions your equipment is operating under? That information is now accessible anywhere, anytime with NetGuardian LT’s internal analog temperature sensor. For added protection, the NetGuardian LT also supports an external analog temperature probe. Simply logon to NetGuardian’s built-in web browser and you’ll stay on top of changing environmental conditions. Programmable thresholds let you decide what critical and major temperature levels are appropriate for your unique network.

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