CA releases Internet Security Suite Plus 2009

CA announced the availability of its CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2009. Each element of the suite, which includes a personal firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-spam and anti-phishing software has been enhanced to provide even stronger protection against a wide-range of emerging online threats.

The single console is easy to use and install, allowing users to monitor the security status of all of the licensed PCs on their home networks. The suite also provides integrated parental controls that help protect children from inappropriate web content and enable parents to monitor Internet activity.

In addition to the enhanced security features, the suite is now more user-friendly through its inclusion of an Intuitive Help Desk for at-your-fingertips customer support, a simple interface that lets users quickly set preferences or check program status, and a gaming/movie mode to reduce interruptions. With tailored security options for wireless connectivity, CA Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 uses WiFi HotSpot detection technology to alert users when they enter a new network outside of the established home network.

According to the 2008 CA Internet Threat Outlook Report, online attacks will be dominated by smarter malware and bots targeting Web users ranging from gamers and social network users to the elderly and unsuspecting parents.

Also new to CA’s Internet Security Suite Plus 2009 are the following features:

  • Supports the Domain Key Internet Mail (DKIM) and Sender Policy Framework (SPF) industry-standard email security protocols by scanning email and thwarting phishing attempts via Email Inspector.
  • Continuous Upgrades automatically detect new updates and provide alerts when new features are available.
  • Silent Protection automatically analyzes program behavior to determine whether it is safe, and allows or denies access.

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